Meet our Technicians - Oak Park, IL



 Erta is an ARMS-registered ultrasound technician. She especially enjoys seeing new moms and dads bond with their baby. In her spare time, Erta enjoys reading, listening to music, and spending time with her family. Erta is married and has a 16-year-old son and had another baby boy while she was working with us, who is now 7 years old. 

Erta is known throughout the Chicago 3D ultrasound community as someone who can "talk to the babies" and get them to move. With Erta, the baby always ends up in the perfect position!

Erta is the lead ultrasound technician here at the Oak Park location and has been with us since 2009.



Valeria is an ARDMS-registered ultrasound technician that has been with First Peek Ultrasound since 2015. 

She also enjoys making baby clothes, and some of the onesies and baby clothes on sale at First Peek are made by her (coming soon!)

Valeria is fluent in Spanish.



Maria is a certified radiologist in our location at Oak Park IL. She loves to provide a fun and exciting experience for our pregnant moms.

Maria first joined First Peek in 2009 when she was just 19 as a receptionist.   As she progressed in her education, she got promoted to manager, and now works fully as one of our ultrasound technicians. 

She is also known here at First Peek as the ultrasound machine whisperer, because she can get our ultrasound machines to do anything she wants!

Maria is fluent in Spanish.



When Vanessa is not scanning, she loves swimming, and she used to be a lifeguard. She is our only ultrasound technician who can save you from drowning in the highly unlikely event of a water landing during your ultrasound session.

She is our newest ultrasound technician who started in early 2018 and has already developed a following of returning customers.

Vanessa is fluent in Spanish.



Krystle has been a certified sonographer since 2010. She enjoys doing ultrasounds and loves to interact with her customers. In her spare time, she loves to bake and decorate! She will soon offer a line of gender reveal cakes to be offered only at First Peek (coming soon!)

She also is addicted to traveling. She loves cruise vacations and escaping to new islands she's never been before. 

Krystle is fluent in Spanish.