Other Services


Belly Casting Service $199

Celebrate and preserve your pregnancy belly with our belly casting service, done by our massage therapist in our prenatal spa.  A mold of your shape during this beautiful time in your life can now be preserved and shown off in your home or office long after your body returns to (almost) normal. Prenatal massage add-ons available. You can have your belly cast painted with your special requests for an additional charge.

The belly casting service is a service where you come in and relax while our massage therapist and belly casting expert, Jackie, places on the belly casting. The total process may take up to 2 hours, during which time, you can receive a prenatal massage while the casting is settling and drying, as an add-on service.  Your belly cast will need additional layers for a smooth finish and maybe take up to a week to be ready for pick up.


Belly Cast Painting - Starting at $99

If you would like your belly cast painted, it will be painted by our belly-cast artist and henna artist, Ayesha, with any design of your choice.  Allow up to one week for completion of the painting and drying. Belly casting kits are also available for sale if you want to try this at home

Our belly casting artist is very talented and is usually able to accommodate any special requests. Additional charges may apply for more complex designs.


Hand Henna $49, Belly Henna $99

You may have seen our ultrasound technician assistant, Ayesha, sporting beautiful exotic henna on her hands and feet. After receiving several requests, Ayesha has agreed to perform our newest pregnancy service, Hand or Belly Henna Painting.  

The henna used is from ProudBody's pregnancy henna kit and has been tested to be safe for pregnancy.  Unlike trying this at home with your friends, your belly henna painting will be done by a professional henna artist with years of experience in henna painting. 

Belly henna kits are also available for sale if you want to try this at home.