Medical Ultrasound Services

How to get a medical ultrasound


1. Schedule your appointment

You can schedule your appointment online and select one of our medical ultrasound sessions. Feel free to also call us to schedule your appointment.

2. Send us your referral or order for the ultrasound

This is given to you by your doctor. Unfortunately, we are unable to perform medical ultrasounds without a doctor's order or referral.  We will request this prior to your appointment to ensure that we are able to perform the correct scan.  You can take a picture of it and email it to us at or fax it to us at (708) 386-5982.

3. Show up to your appointment

Come with a picture ID and a full bladder. Payment for the session is due at the start of your session. Our ARDMS-certified ultrasound technician will perform  the ultrasound, fill out a technician report, and send it to our radiologist. We will then send out a medical ultrasound report to your ob/gyn via fax. In most cases, we can get this to your ob/gyn the next day. If for any reason we are unable to complete your scan, you can come back for a followup session to complete the scan at no additional cost.

4. Get reimbursement from your insurance company

At this time, we are not contracted with any insurance company, so we do not directly accept health insurance. However, your medical ultrasound can qualify as an out-of-pocket expense which can contribute to your deductible, so it will still help to send the receipt to your insurance company. In many cases, your insurance company may pay a portion of the cost as an "out-of-network" provider. We will be happy to fill out any forms needed for proof of service to assist you in this regard.

5. Follow up with your ob/gyn or midwife as recommended

If your ob/gyn has not received the medical ultrasound report, simply call us and we can fax it again. We can also email you a copy of the report with your permission.