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First Peek Ultrasound is proud to have a strong working relationship with the medical professional community, including ob/gyn physiciansfamily practice physicians (the very few left that still deliver babies), and midwives.

Now, more and more ob/gyn physicians and midwives are reaching out to Chicago 3D ultrasound centers in order to complement the care of their patients. Also, with ob/gyn physicians and midwives working together with 3D ultrasound centers and their medical directors, we can better manage the few rare cases of the abnormal finding or miscarriage which are occasionally incidentally discovered on an elective 3D ultrasound session, and we can provide better continuity of care in these unfortunate events.

At First Peek Ultrasound, we believe strongly in preserving the doctor-patient relationship. We insist that all our pregnant customers are receiving prenatal care before getting a 3D ultrasound with us. We request the name and the phone number of the customer's physician so that we can contact the doctor directly in the rare case of an abnormal finding or discovered miscarriage. This way, we can give the customer's own doctor the opportunity to discuss the findings with her first, if the doctor prefers this.

To be clear, there is no medical benefit to a 3D ultrasound. But the indirect benefits of 3D ultrasounds are numerous. There are studies to show that ultrasounds in general improve the bonding between the mother and baby, and some studies suggest that, for some pregnant women, 3D ultrasounds may enhance this bond much more than traditional ultrasounds ever could. 3D ultrasounds may discourage unhealthy practicies, such as smoking and drinking alcohol, and we have had first-hand experience witnessing a few of our customers quitting smoking after their 3D ultrasound. 3D ultrasounds also have had a major impact on the bonding with the father​ of the baby, and anything that can get Dad more involved is immensely important for the care of the baby.

Our medical director oversees the medical aspects to ensure the safety of our customers and the babies and to also ensure that all FDA requirements are being met. The risks and potential harms if 3D ultrasounds were intensively researched before we decided to start this company.  But when it became clear that the benefits of 3D ultrasound clearly outweigh any potential risks, (and as of now, there are no known medical risks), we decided to spread the joy that we experienced ourselves when I was pregnant and got a 3D ultrasound with my baby.

If you would like more information on 3D ultrasound technology and its benefits to pregnant women, including copies of recent medical research articles, or if you would like brochures to put up in your office or to be given as a part of your "prenatal packet," please email us at



We may see something concerning or suspicious on a 3D ultrasound. Although our 3D ultrasounds are not diagnostic and we do not actively look for abnormalities, we are responsible for making sure our customers are informed of anything we may see that appears abnormal or suspicious to us. We always inform the customer's physician first before informing the customer, but we also make sure that the customer is informed as quickly as possible. We provide all images to the physician via fax (or email if they have a HIPAA-secure email connection set up). In cases where we can not reach a physician in time, we notify the customer, especially in emergency cases.  

Finding incidental abnormalities has long been quoted as a "problem" with 3D ultrasound studios in the past. And we have certainly had our share of these discoveries. We have seen babies with spina bifida, trisomy 13, anencephaly, hydrops fetalis, achondroplasia, and several cases of undiagnosed fetal demise. We also sometimes share the good news of an extra twin not seen previously. In all of these cases, the customer's physicians were contacted and the situation was fully discussed with the customer by their own doctor. In all of these cases, our customers have benefited from knowing earlier of these abnormalities rather than later, and in the few cases of fetal demise, we may have even prevented further complications to the mother. Rather than seeing this as a problem with 3D ultrasounds, we regard our occasional discovery as an additional unintended benefit that can arise in rare circumstances, as it generally directs our customers to the proper medical care sooner than would otherwise have happened.



A few of your patients may have already received a 3D ultrasound and many more may be considering it and have questions regarding it. Regardless of your personal view on 3D ultrasounds, it is best to have as much knowledge about this new service as possible and to have an open discussion with your patients regarding 3D ultrasounds. 

Many doctors who have been hesitant regarding this new technology find it much easier to at least refer their patients to a 3D ultrasound studio that is reputable, safe, and has an active commitment and relationship with the medical professional community. 

At First Peek Ultrasound, we employ certified ARDMS-registered ultrasound technicians at each of our locations, and we are one of the very few centers in the nation that have an on-site medical director and that has direct medical oversight. For more information regarding 3D ultrasounds or to address any concerns you may have, we would be happy to speak to you directly.   Email us at to request a lunch meeting at your clinic or at ours.


You do not need to provide them with a prescription or a doctor's note, since this is not a medical procedure.  


Since 3D ultrasounds are not a medically required procedure, insurance companies do not cover this elective service.  We do dream of a day when 3D ultrasounds will be a routine part of prenatal care and paid for by all insurance companies.  

For further questions, please free feel to email us at or call us directly at 708-870-0808.  



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